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Why your company needs a marketing professional

In today's competitive business world, you need to employ top talent to keep your company competitive. Without a skilled workforce, you won't be able to go head-to-head with the big players in your industry, and professional growth will be hard to initiate. Whether you work in a small, niche field or a larger industry, you will need to create either marketing manager jobs or marketing communications jobs. These two roles have a lot of similar advantages, but they differ very slightly, and it's important to understand when one professional would be preferred over the other.


What are the responsibilities of a marketing manager?
The marketing manager is in charge of many tasks related to promotion and sales. In a broad scope, this worker is the person who directs sales activities and creates marketing policies. While in some cases the marketing manager hires and trains staff members, this person also needs to have his or her thumb on the pulse of the company and understand how to manage people effectively.

Additionally, a marketing manager must formulate, direct and coordinate activities and policies to promote the products or services of his or her clients. The professional does this by identifying and developing strategies based on established objectives and market trends. After the policies are defined and executed, this professional also needs to evaluate the financial aspects of the effort and determine if changes need to be made moving forward.


How do marketing communications managers differ?
While the marketing communications manager is involved in all aspects of promotion, the prime focus of this professional should be on how the company looks to the public. In some ways, the marketing communications manager assumes similar responsibilities to public relations, but they take it a step further and develop online interactive marketing programs to communicate those messages. For the most part, these professionals assist in identifying key advantages in the marketplace, and then work to develop campaigns to support branding and build rapport with the public.


You might need both professionals to succeed.
Marketing managers are the people who develop plans to generate sales for your company, but marketing communication managers are the professionals who earn your brand public awareness. When the two professionals work together, they help create a profitable reputation for your business. Therefore, you might want to consider the benefits of creating and filling both roles in your business, and take advantage of the unique skills these professionals hold today.


When your company needs both professions in one incumbent to succeed.

Lynne has over 2 decades of experience as a CMO with key experience in disruptive & experiential marketing. Served years on the CMO marketing council international, representing retail, automotive and manufacturing marketing board:
Development & Implementation, strategic and operational Marketing, Brand & Communication strategies & plans to multi industry verticals, and franchise/ multi-vendor marketing management experience within IT, ICT, cyber security, telecoms, manufacturing, engineering, construction, consulting, professional services, automotive and retail industries, etc.
Management of all marketing initiatives on a senior EXCO level on a local and international basis
Ensuring that Marketing Strategies & Plans are aligned to the brand strategy, policy, standards and guidelines, geared and focused towards e commerce, B2C, B2B, measurable.
Development and implementation, from strategic to operational level of
Marketing and Communication strategic plans & projects.
Brand development.
Public Relations.
Brand & marketing identity strategy
Through-the-line marketing & advertising campaigns.
Website & Search Engine optimization.
Digital optimization & Social Media.
Google AdWords & Search engine strategies.
Dealer-, Branch-, Franchise, Vendor- marketing & communication development.
Customer Relations & Customer Contingency management.
Development of customer, channel, partner and employee incentive & loyalty programs.
Events & Promotions management.
Affiliated advertising, promotions & events.
Product & Packaging development.
New product development.
Procurement & design of marketing materials.
Competitive market analysis & research.
Talent development & integrity evaluations; Recruitment of key staff & business process solutions.
Franchise development.
Development of internal/external communication strategies and plans that aligned to the GTM strategy

*some of the international, African and South African companies delivered to

Bridgestone, TyrePlus (Dubai & RSA), Seecrypt, Mailcom, Egis Papertrail, Customer Verification Solutions, GAST engineering, Group5 Construction, JS Mining, GET EPIC Property brokers (Mauritius & RSA), Acczone finance, Edge Marketing, Michelin Tyre company, Networks Unlimited (East Africa & RSA), GNAC technologies, JKDraughting, SilverBridge holdings, RSA Security, Arbor Networks, Fortinet, CensorNet, Centrify, Simplivity, F5, Aruba Networks and many more who could not be named here.


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