Lynne McCarthy Marketing


  • Strategic Growth Marketing, Brand & Communication development.
  • International Franchise and multi-Vendor marketing management, development and acquisitions.
  • Driving new business & customer contingency by ensuring return on investment onto sales pipeline; facilitating marketing from a cost centre to a profit centre.
  • Ensuring an online footprint by digital-, website- & social media optimization.
  • Formulating & development of internal and external communication & PR strategies in line with the company and brand go-to-marketing strategy.
  • Research and competitor SWOT analysis.
  • New product development & market placement.
  • Channel, vendor, partner, reseller & customer relationship management.
  • Customer contingency and loyalty reward program development.
  • Project design, implementation and management of multiple below, above and online marketing projects and promotions.
  • Events, webinar, training, seminar and tradeshow sponsorship and hosting.
  • Management of customer segmentation and effective database integrity management.
  • Develop and management of a marketing budget to activate multiple project plans.
  • Management and appointment of key agencies and 3rd party service providers.
  • Talent management & recruitment.