Lynne McCarthy Marketing

Copy Writing


  • Conceptualise and write any promotion material for the various campaigns included, but not limited to “projects”, catalogue, media inserts, merchandise flyers, statement inserts and core marketing material.
  • Develop or rejuvenate the brands’ business strategies and ensure they are translated into compelling copy.
  • Drive/develop brand cohesion amongst the different brands and/or products.
  • Manage all campaigns created in the studio from a holistic perspective.
  • Ensure that all promotions created enable the company to meet set turnover and efficiency objectives as well as adhere to the required copy standards.
  • Monitor trends constantly to make sure the messages the team produces are relevant and appropriate.
  • Ensure consistent brand identity across all marketing material created.




Seecrypt Fox News Harvey Boulter (FOX NEWS USA)

Seecrypt offers military encryption for everyone KMSP TV (FOX 9 News USA)

Seecrypt app offers service to keep calls and texts private (FOX 9 News USA)

Seecrypt CNBC Closing Bell, with Harvey Boulter (CNBC Closing Bell News USA)

Seecrypt encryption solution for mobile communication (graphic representation via animation)



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